Amie Kaplin

Deputy Executive Director
AIM Photonics

Ms. Kaplin provides program support across various areas of responsibility to maintain AIM Photonics’ business and administrative operations while continuing to provide program management oversight to AIM Photonics’ portfolio of projects. In addition to the AIM Photonics project portfolio management duties, Ms. Kaplin drives interactions among the AIM Photonics Strategic Advisory Executive Team, and facilitates the AIM Photonics Leadership Council Meetings. She leads executive meetings with AIM Photonics’ operational management team, support teams, customers, and government sponsors; and refines and develops business processes to improve AIM Photonics’ administrative activities. 

Throughout the lifetime of AIM Photonics, Ms. Kaplin oversaw the development of more than 200 Project Award Agreements for AIM Photonics’ projects with the individual project participants. She tracked, monitored, and reported progress on more than 80 AIM Photonics R&D and education and workforce development projects. She manages and executes all programmatic reporting for the AIM Photonics institute and supervises a team of Project Managers supporting sponsored programs for the Research Foundation for SUNY at SUNY Polytechnic Institutes. Amie facilitates high performance by ensuring programs administered by AIM Photonics and SUNY Poly adhere to best practices and standard approaches for program management. Amie is a member of the Project Management Institute and she is a certified Project Management Professional.

Ms. Kaplin has been managing programs since 2002. For eight years she developed marketing and information systems strategies, led global project teams, and implemented IT systems. In 2011 she was recruited to run the Program Management Office for SEMATECH, setting the organization’s program management strategy, and coordinating the program management efforts of 35 research scientists and business support teams. While at the consortium Ms. Kaplin formed, “Professional Women in Technology and Science,” a networking group comprised of 50 female scientists, educators, and professionals. After four years with SEMATECH, she was recruited by AIM Photonics to assist with planning the organization’s standup activities and to establish a program management framework to suit its needs. 

Ms. Kaplin holds a Bachelor of Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Masters of Business Administration from the University at Albany.