Henry Cialone

President and CEO
EWI/Buffalo Manufacturing Works

Dr. Henry Cialoneis President and CEO of EWI, an advanced engineering service provider dedicated to identifying, developing, and implementing innovative technology solutions that enhance manufacturing competitiveness. He has a record of creating new business opportunities through technological innovation and building broad coalitions to develop them.

Since joining EWI in 2005, Henry has enhanced the company’s resources and capabilities to shape the future of manufacturing by establishing new operations in Buffalo, NY, and Loveland,CO; expanded the company’s portfolio of manufacturing technologies; created public-private partnerships such as the American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute (dba LIFT); and increased technology commercialization activities to deliver broader market benefits. During his tenure, EWI has created a variety of spinout companies based on technologies it invented: EWI UltraThinSeal™ reduces packaging film costs with an innovative sealing technology; Acoustech Systems (acquired by Cumberland Resources in 2017)increases machining productivity by combining high-power ultrasound with conventional machining operations; Fabrisonic produces complex metal parts using ultrasonic additive manufacturing(3D metal printing); RealWeld Systems (acquired by Lincoln Electric in 2015) addresses a critical workforce need by helping trainers accelerate the development and certification of welders.

Prior to EWI, Henry was an executive at Battelle where he developed and managed the commercial energy technology portfolio. He led Battelle’s commercial energy business and served on the governing board of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

Henry has served on numerous boards and advisory bodies. He has completed executive management programs at Fuqua and Wharton.