Mark A. Tolbert

CEO, TOPTICA Photonics, Inc.

As CEO and president of TOPTICA Photonics, Inc. – a world-leading solutions provider and enabler for research and industry – Mark A. Tolbert has been a member of the quantum community for more than 15 years. He has worked on all forms of quantum: computing, simulation, communication, networking sensing, cold atoms, laser cooling, Bose-Einstein Condensation, Rydberg excitation, optical clocks, frequency combs, and more.

Through Mark’s leadership, TOPTICA has pushed advances in scientific research and has successfully commercialized cutting edge technology for OEM applications in quantum, bio photonics and materials. TOPTICA received industry recognition for product design innovation (SPIE Prism Award) for manufacturing the TOPO, a widely tunable high-power continuous wave OPO laser system built and manufactured in NYS. Mark is an active contributor to most quantum initiatives in North America, including DOE and NSF centers and is a stakeholder on the NQI bill. He is also a founding member of QED-C.

His passion for the industry has propelled him to develop connections and insights from the quantum community on a global level, and he is proud to bring those insights back to New York State.