Rachel Rosen


Ms. Rosen joined WexEnergy as President & CEO in 2017. With over 27 years of experience in the commercial and multifamily real estate markets, Rachel has developed a keen sense of WexEnergy’s customer needs. At WexEnergy, Rachel leads marketing and financial departments as well as driving the company’s strategic direction. The relationships she has developed in the business community over the last 35 years are key to WindowSkin’s market launch. Ms. Rosen has worked with both WexEnergy and WexEnergy Innovations LLC since their inception.

Until June 2016, Rachel was President of Norry Management Corp., a privately-owned property development and management firm in Rochester, NY where she managed over 2 million Square Feet of commercial office and industrial properties, as well as multi-family residential properties across 5 States.

Rachel received her B.S. in Finance and Economics and her MBA in Management and Entrepreneurship from New York University.