Angelo D’Anzi


StorEn Technologies


Angelo D’Anzi was born in Matera in 1967. Angelo is a qualified manager (Executive Master of Business Administration from LUISS Business School, Guido Carli LUISS University in Rome) and a serial entrepreneur, with over 25 years of experience in fuel cells and flow batteries. Work Experience In 1990, Angelo created ER-GE Ltd, a company manufacturing air conditioning units and electrical generators for motor vehicles. The company acquired a leadership position within its market and leading clients such as Case-New Holland (for the TLB project) and Renault (agricultural tractor division). Following the sale of ER-GE, in 2000, Angelo founded Roen Est Ltd to develop PEM fuel cells in Italy. Roen Est was acquired in 2003 by the multinational corporation Arcotronics Inc. (NYSE: KEM). Angelo was retained as CEO. In 2007, Arcotronics FC was acquired by the Morphic Exergy Group of Sweden. In 2008, Morphic was listed on OMX NASDAQ (Stockholm Stock Exchange) raising in excess of Euro 400M. Angelo served as CEO of Morphic Exergy FC (formerly Arcotronics FC) until the acquisition of Morphic by the General Electric Group (NYSE: GE). In 2013, Proxhima Ltd is founded to develop Vanadium Flow Batteries based upon proprietary IP assets. In 2015, Proxhima was taken over into the Gala Group SpA, a utility company listed on the AIM stock market in Milan and revenues in excess of Euro 1 billion. In January 2017, StorEn Technologies was incorporated. IP & Awards Mr Angelo D’Anzi holds ten international patents awards in Fuel Cells, Vanadium Flow Batteries and Cogeneration. Four additional US provisional patent applications were filed for Vanadium Flow Batteries in 2017.