Colin Touhey


Pvilion Inc.


Colin Touhey is the CEO and founder of Pvilion, a solar technology development firm based in Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Touhey has been in the solar industry since 2009, developing technology, solar projects, and installations of over $10M with the likes of Google, the US Army, the City of Miami Beach, the US Army, and Carnegie Hall. He started Pvilion 2011 integrating solar cells and fabrics, building products that generate electricity ranging from clothing and consumer goods to stadium roofs and building facades. Combining aesthetics and functionality, Pvilion specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing lightweight solar products.

Mr. Touhey has recently received the Forbes 30 Under 30 Award for energy, has worked in wind and ocean current energy with NASA,  THOR, and others. He is also the founder of Foray, a medical devices engineering firm, and Cityseat, and consumer lifestyle brand. Before founding Pvilion, Mr. Touhey attended Phillips Andover and Trinity College, where he studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.