Pia Sawhney


Armory Square Ventures


Pia Sawhney is Director of Strategy at ASV and has been a serial media entrepreneur. At Armory Square Ventures, she applies her skills to source new opportunities and meet with startup teams and prospects. Pia has otherwise advised and helped operate the firm since its inception in 2014.

In her former life, Pia’s films and media projects were featured and/or published to the New York Times, Variety, the Washington Post and Huffington Post, and distributed to university libraries nationwide. She has worked with PBS FRONTLINE, the Los Angeles Times, Radio Free Europe and Voice of America and other outlets. Her films have screened at a range of prestigious film festivals at home and abroad.

Pia began her career in finance at JP Morgan Chase in 1999. She holds two graduate degrees. The first is in biology, with concentrations in genetics, computer science and broadcast journalism, as part of a program at NYU. The second is a specialized degree in international relations and diplomacy, from the Fletcher School at Tufts.

Pia has also edited, produced and researched ten documentary films, and speaks four languages.