Scott Volk




Scott Volk is an industry expert in both the plastic and metal additive manufacturing industries with over 25 years’ experience. At Laser Modeling Inc. and Scicon Technologies, Mr. Volk was involved in all aspects of SLA and RTV processes including materials development, quality, training and estimating. Prior to joining Incodema3D, Mr. Volk was one of the Founders and Vice President of Manufacturing at GPI Prototype, with extensive experience in researching and development in Laser Powder bed fusion (LPBF). He was responsible for all aspects of LPBF, including manufacturing engineering, continuous improvement, risk assessment and certifications. Years of involvement with academia and the standards communities, keeps him on the leading edge for the future and current industry and customer needs.  Mr. Volk’s experience allows him to create complex parts that others don’t dare attempt and can work with strategic partners to develop materials and processes to meet new demands